Initiating a Movement of Awakening

My Services

Sisters Inspiring Sisters To Achieve (SISTA )

Spiritual Growth & Personal Development

Sisters Inspiring Sisters To Achieve (SISTA) is my self-help support circle. The collective energy of participants promotes a community of trust, inclusion, and camaraderie amongst SISTAs of any age, race, religion, national origin, ability, political belief and/or sexual orientation. This support will prepare you for ReBirth Yourself Empowerment Boot Camp.

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Feet in sand

Empowerment Boot Camp

The ReBirth Yourself™ 9 Month Training & Empowerment Boot Camp offers an innovative template for true living from the inside out. The overall intention of this program is to support and inspire you to transform your life as you acknowledge your soul’s mission and discover your life’s vision with tenacity.

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​MBONGI (pronounced Bone-gee) Learning Circle

Relationship Mediation

Also referred to as MBONGI (pronounced bone-gee), my approach to relationship mediation sessions is a full-circle experience. When you need help working through conflict with loved ones, we'll come together to identify, discuss and reach mutual agreements on personal and communal matters of interest. What we discuss impacts everyone involved.

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