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Don't Settle for Surviving — Start Thriving
A Personal Healing & Transformative Experience

Life Coach & Relationship Mediator
in New York, NY

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Robin St. Clair

Meet the CycleBreaker

For over a decade, I've been a dedicated life coach serving the greater New York area. Before becoming the empowerment-focused coach I am today, I lived my own life of struggle and victimhood. With support and guidance, I chose to break the cycle of emptiness, anger, and sadness that kept my confidence low and happiness bleak. Having gained an enlightened perspective through a commitment to inner work and healing, I came to realize that I already possessed the tools I needed to change my life. I want to share my story to educate and coach others who wish to break their own cycles of unhappiness. By working together, I'm confident that you can have the same life-changing results and look forward to a better tomorrow.


Are You Ready to Break the Cycle?

I'll help you shift your perspective and find new ways to heal and move your life forward.

Unique Approach

From breaking unhealthy cycles through personal counseling to workshops and boot camps, I offer various creative opportunities for you to take on the challenges you currently face and work towards making progress.

Personalized Healing

Every person is unique. Regardless of what brings you to seek a change in your life, I'll recognize your individual needs and guide you through the methods that best fit your situation for healing generational pathologies.

Spiritual Growth & Guidance

I'm committed to helping you break your negative cycles, by becoming self-aware, self-loving, and self-fulfilled through effective communication, intuitive advice, and concentrated efforts on your success.

Areas of Focus


Client Testimonials


The Life You Want is Within Your Reach

Everyone faces struggles and hardships in their life, but how they react and handle those situations can make all the difference. You don't have to take on the challenges in your life alone. With an experienced life coach on your side, it can be much easier to break the cycles of pain and stress you're dealing with and outline a clear path to help you move forward.

For over 10 years, I have served as a reliable life coach and relationship mediator to individuals and families in New York, NY.

Before I became the empowered entrepreneur that I am today, I had my own personal experiences with self-doubt, emotional trauma, and battles with depression and anxiety. After seeking guidance and support to turn my life around and break the cycle of unhappiness, I established the foundation I now have today to help others seeking the same healing and transformation.

You may already have an idea of what personal struggles you want to address. Or, you might need help getting started with understanding why you feel the way you do. No matter what you're going through, change is possible and I can help you achieve it. You don't have to settle for feeling lost or depressed. I'm committed to helping you on your journey of healing and self-discovery.

I offer several services that provide personalized pathways to resolving your biggest concerns and healing generational pathologies.

From self-help support to empowerment boot camp and relationship mediation, we'll work together to focus on dealing with your challenges until you reach a successful breakthrough. It's my goal to help you uncover your soul's mission and activate your life's vision. While this may seem ambitious, my proven methods have helped countless others and can help you, too. Contact me today!